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Insurance Plans Tailored for You

Working with many insurance carriers, the skilled team at Rocco Financial is sure to find a solution that meets your needs. Call us today!

Long Term Care

Discussing long term care needs isn’t exactly a fun conversation, but it’s an important one to have. Long term care is really long term planning. The great news is there are more ways to plan for long term care than ever, especially when it comes to receiving care at home. No matter what stage of life you are at, talking about long term care and creating a plan now for the future can help you and the people you love live life on their own terms.

Life Insurance

Whether it’s term coverage while you are raising a family, protecting against liabilities, a key employee policy, using life insurance to hedge against uncertainty, or needed for peace of mind we should talk. Many people are now buying life insurance who thought they no longer needed it and are finding tremendous values in guarantees in today's world. We work with dozens of carriers, let us find the solution for you.


While you are working your greatest asset is likely your ability to earn money. What happens when that ability is affected? If you make millions of dollars, get paid by the hour, or somewhere in between the ability to earn income is crucial. Having coverage from your employer might not be enough. We offer disability solutions for all levels of income earners-including the very highly compensated with levels most providers cannot reach. Do you have coverage? Is it adequate? Is it tax free income? If you are working we should talk.

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Planning and Solutions

At Rocco Financial, we get to know all about you, your dreams, and your desires. This way, we can customize your plans just for you!

Risk Management

While death and disability can be a painful subject, it is one that should be discussed in the unfortunate event that something terrible does happen. Call today — we have a solution for you!

Income Protection

Disability insurance is a vital part of modern life. If an accident should occur, this will help you maintain a source of income. Call today to learn more.