Income & Annuities

Volatile Markets! Income needs! Inflation! Medical Costs!

Take this quiz and give yourself 1 point for every "Yes" answer.

1) Worried that your money is at risk?
2) Concerned about inflation?
3) Interest rates an issue?
4) Worried that you don’t have enough income?
5) Concerned with increasing medical costs?
6) Are you interested in zero fee investments?
7) Do you want more protection for your money?
8) Do you need to make a plan for income, for legacy, for the long run?

What are your concerns? Should we talk?


0-2 points
Congratulations! Your concerns are low. If that ever changes or you want a second opinion call us.

3-4 points
You have some concerns, but likely feel comfortable. A candid conversation of your concerns can bring a solution to your needs.

5 or more
Let’s talk now. There is no need to live with all that worry. Now is the time to address your concerns and move forward to a better tomorrow.

Call Kieran Gutting Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC) at 314-695-8460

Rocco Financial has plans that are transparent, clear, understandable, and designed to work in your best interest.


In today's market of increasing market volatility, wild swings in the stock market and a never ending need for income, people are looking for answers. We have found the following concerns:

  • Markey Volatility
  • Loss Of Principal
  • Lack Of Predictable Income Stream
  • Taxes
  • Protection For Their Assets

Rocco Financial Services provides custom tailored solutions for today. We work with numerous providers and are able to find the right solution. A solution that is easy to understand, transparent, and that works for you as an individual, not a one size fits all cookie cutter. We are excellent listeners and look forward to hearing your concerns, your needs and providing a solution.