Rocco Financial knows the client always comes first. We know it is your money, we know you have worked hard for your money and keeping it safe while it works for you is crucial. We believe you should know exactly how your money is serving you. Our solutions are client-centered and client specific. It is in meeting your needs we are fulfilling our mission.

Here is what some of our clients have said:

I was unsure what the right solution was for my life savings.  Working with Kieran Gutting was easy, simple, no pressure. He is very knowledgeable and straightforward.  I  know my money is safe, I no longer worry about the market ups and downs.  I know I can do what I want without worrying about my money. I am grateful  I chose to work with Kieran.
-Lisa B. St Louis, MO

I needed to get a return on my money but did not want to take risks in the stock market at my age.  Kieran showed me how I could grow my money and not take the risk. He is very low key and easy to work with.  I sleep well at night now.
-Robert W. Rolla, MO


I did not know what to do and really did not understand my options.  Kieran put me at ease, He spoke with me and showed me my options. He didn’t pressure me.  I have my money protected and still get the income I need.
-Matthew R. St Louis, MO

I was nervous, didn't know who to trust, and knew I could not afford to make a mistake.  Kieran showed me ways to meet my income needs, not take market risk, protect my money, and give me income.  Easy to talk to, no pressure, deciding to trust Kieran Gutting with my retirement was one of the best decisions I have made.
- Carol H. St Louis, MO

Meeting with Kieran was easy.  Super smart, knowledgeable and will tell you exactly what is going on. I was 61 and wanted to talk about my life insurance.  I had 2 policies one was a term policy that was expiring, the other had a premium that went up almost 10 fold when I turned 65.  I knew I still wanted life insurance for many reasons. Kieran showed me the 3 potential solutions. I was able to make the right decision for my family. That was 2015.  I still talk with Kieran about financial needs for my family.

James C. Sunset Hills, MO

20+ Years of Experience

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Tax Preparation

Financial Services in St Louis & Beyond

Rocco Financial is a relationship-centered firm.  We believe in personal relationships. Conversations are about who you are, your family, your values, your objectives, your concerns, your tolerance for risk.  Here are some topics we often discuss with clients:

  • Tax Savings
  • Income Planning
  • Life/Disability and Long Term Care Insurance
  • Protection of Assets
  • Retirement Planning

Rocco Financial is a fiduciary.  Our core belief is this -  It is your money really it is that simple, it’s not mine or ours, it is only yours.

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About Us

Kieran Gutting is the founder of Rocco Financial.  He is a licensed financial professional with over 10 years of experience. Kieran is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®). As a CRPC®, he can evaluate your financial status and design the optimal retirement plan for your lifestyle. Kieran can give the knowledgeable advice you need on issues such as planning for health care, asset management, beneficiary designations, income tax considerations, estate planning, and more. Kieran can even help you determine the best time to retire or assist you in expanding on the plans that you’ve already made.

 Kieran is married to the love of his life since 2001 and has four amazing children.


Rocco Financial loves working with people and knowing them on a personal basis. We invite you to call today and start a conversation!

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